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Unlike other Fiberglass Repair Facilities, we look at all repairs from a Manufacturers stand-point.  Retrieving as much technical information as possible about the product so that repairs are preformed in accordance with manufacturers specifications.  
Ensuring that the proper preparation is done, along with using the proper resins we can ensure a long lasting repair on most FRP products.
Fiber-Werx is the only facility in Alberta registered with Transport Canada for the Manufacture, Modification and Repair of fiberglass tanks used for the transportation of dangerous goods.  While we are currently the exclusive fiberglass tank manufacturer for Hamms-Goldec of Red Deer, we perform repairs on all makes of fiberglass tdg service tanks.

Industrial repair, frp corrosive piping, rv's, boats, tanks, truck hoods, containment systems, etc., if it is made of fiberglass, chances are we can repair it!
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